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Previous Issues

VOL. , ISSUE   •   JULY, 2016
Market Uncertainty and Volatility
For this quarter, let's discuss market uncertainty and market volatility. Just to be clear there is always, has been always, and will be always uncertainty. This I am certain about. READ MORE...

VOL. 8, ISSUE 8   •   JANUARY, 2016
2015 Summary
2015 turned out to be a relatively flat year for the stock market. The S&P 500 stock market index rose 1.4% for the year, while the entire universe of U.S. stocks declined 1.5% for the year. The overseas developed markets declined .8%. 2015 was marked by higher volatility than in several years. READ MORE...

GF Budget 2016

BBF Chip Credit Cards 2015

BBL Portion Control 2014

Florida Top State Where Americans Want to Live

VOL. 7, ISSUE 3   •   AUGUST, 2014
Summer Market Doldrums or Expected Correction?
As we have been talking to clients over the last several months, we have been emphasizing the high probability of a U.S. stock market correction. READ MORE...

GF Shredding 2014

BBF Retiring on 30 Grand a Year 2014

BBL Treating Sunburn 2014

Where Grads are Going

VOL. 6, ISSUE 8   •   JANUARY, 2014
A Word About 2014
2013 was a fabulous year for the stock market. The U.S. stock market outperformed the overseas stock market as a whole, but this trend runs in cycles. That is why we construct a diversified global portfolio. READ MORE...

GF Home Security Systems 2013

BBF Fixing Your Credit Report 2013

BBL Dressing for Winter 2013

Smartest Dog Breeds

VOL. 6, ISSUE 5   •   OCTOBER, 2013
Our View of the Current Status of Bonds
For the past quarter, the stock market has performed well. Depending on your portfolio allocation, this is reflected in your quarterly statements. Of more immediate concern, however, is the bond market. READ MORE...

GF Obamacare Scams 2013

BBF Tax-Unfriendly States for Retirees 2013

BBL Halloween Safety 2013

Beloit College Mindset

VOL. 5, ISSUE 12   •   MAY, 2013
Building on a Boom: Energy is Powering the U.S. Renaissance
This article appeared in the American Funds April 2013 Monthly Investment Insights. We think it has great relevance to today's economy. READ MORE...

GF Spring Car Care 2013

BBF Buy One Give One 2013

BBL Boating Safety 2013

Best College Towns in America

VOL. 5, ISSUE 4   •   SEPTEMBER, 2012
How Are We Doing?
Client service is always a passion for our firm. Beyond the financial results for you, how is our service? READ MORE...

GF Improving Your Credit Score 2012

BBF Picking a Personal Trainer 2012

BBL Avoiding Backpack Pain

The Class of 2016

VOL. 5, ISSUE 3   •   AUGUST, 2012
1.5%... Would you lock in a 10 year average annual return of 1.5%?
You may think "boy, who would do a thing like that?", but take a look at the benchmark US Treasury 10 year note. READ MORE...

GF Entrepreneurs Have Strong Growth 2012

BBF Finding a Job After 50 2012

BBL Historical Trips for Kids 2012

Most Hackable Passwords

VOL. 4, ISSUE 12   •   MAY, 2012
Lessons Learned From a Half-Century of Investing
Below is a link to an article we think you will find very interesting--Lessons Learned From a Half-Century of Investing. The article is an interview with Jim Dunton who was an investment professional with American Funds for over 50 years. READ MORE...

GF Monthly Bargains 2012

BBF Cloud Computing

BBL Best Time of Day

Top U.S. Stores

VOL. 4, ISSUE 10   •   MARCH, 2012
Thank You to You, Our Client
It's been an interesting journey for the stock market over the last few years. The Dow Jones Industrial average reached a low in March 2009 of approximately 6500. As we write today, the Dow is at 13233 - better than doubling in three years. READ MORE...

GF High-Mileage Cars 2011

BBF Estate Sales

BBL Feeling Younger

Authors List Top 10 Books

VOL. 4, ISSUE 8   •   JANUARY, 2012
The Long View
Sometimes diversification does not work very well. This is what we experienced in 2011. READ MORE...

GF Resolutions for Financial Health 2012

BBF Overlooked Retirement Towns 2011

BBL Surviving Cold and Flu Season

World's Top Tourist Sites

VOL. 4, ISSUE 6   •   NOVEMBER, 2011
Macro vs. Micro - More Good News
As always, the media pounds away at us with negative news. We hear about the Fed, the Congress, the White House, and of course European debt. How about looking at some positive developments at the micro-economic level: READ MORE...

GF Managing Holiday Expectations 2011

BBF Preparing Your Home for Winter

BBL Caring for Grandbaby 2011

The Really High Cost of College

VOL. , ISSUE   •   AUGUST, 2011
Market Volatility
Although there is a great deal of market volatility going on, and will probably continue for a while, our outlook has not changed. READ MORE...

VOL. , ISSUE   •   MARCH, 2011
As the news from Japan's disaster rolls across our TV screens, all of us are impacted by the tragedy in one form or another. This includes our TV newscasters and opinion makers as well. In response, as usual, we are seeing markets around the world experience volatility. Once again we are pummeled by the doom and gloom repeated over and over. Over the next few days and weeks, we should not be surprised to see the volatility continue as the news continues to develop. READ MORE...

VOL. 3, ISSUE 8   •   JANUARY, 2011
It's the end of January and everyone is talking about bonds. Some are concerned about municipal bond defaults; others are concerned about the effect of rising interest rates on U.S. government bonds. We do believe there is a change in the air, but we do not believe it is anywhere near the doomsday scenario depicted by some in the media. READ MORE...

BBF Yearly Review

GF Computer Safety

BBL Fighting Winter Skin

Best Airlines

VOL. 3, ISSUE 4   •   SEPTEMBER, 2010
The two of us started working together in 1986, and always felt that mutual funds made sense as an investment choice for most investors. We both had experience investing, but the information available to analyze mutual funds was in no way as thorough as it is today. In fact, statistical models are still getting more sophisticated even to this day. READ MORE...

GF Saving on Car Rentals

GF Low-Unemployment States 2010

BBL How to Talk to Your Doctor

Egg Safety

Please note that our office will be undergoing a major remodel project from August 30 - September 10, 2010. During this time, our office will be physically closed. We will still be receiving all telephone calls and email. Please note that it may take longer to complete your requests due to the inefficiencies of working around the construction. We will be able to schedule limited appointments. Thank you for your patience. Steve & Chuck READ MORE...

VOL. 3, ISSUE 1   •   JUNE, 2010
It's summer time now and the markets are relatively quiet. We thought that this is a good time to remind you that investing regularly allows you to buy shares at relatively low prices. When markets resume their upward move at some point, you will be well positioned to participate as your lower priced shares will appreciate. READ MORE...

GF Best Cities for Next Decade 2010

GF Using Credit Abroad

BBL Napping

Where the Money Is

VOL. 2, ISSUE 12   •   MAY, 2010
Over the last two months, we have attended conferences held by the American Funds, Dimensional Fund Advisors at the University of Chicago School of Business, and Franklin Templeton Investments. Each conference stressed the idea of equity investments outperforming bond investments over the next decade. READ MORE...

GF Healthcare Reform

BBF Saving on Car Repair

BBL Meditation

Wild Things

VOL. 2, ISSUE 11   •   APRIL, 2010
There appears to be a growing trend among the largest firms in the financial services industry to reduce its services to clients with accounts of $750,000 and less. We feel this trend is driven by the economics of large firms with layers of management, and the demands of their corporate shareholders. READ MORE...

GF Green Tax Credits

BBF Summer Jobs for Teens

BBL Building Your Brain

Ideas for Your Tax Refund

VOL. 2, ISSUE 10   •   MARCH, 2010
Trust Always Comes First
Chuck recently completed a booklet outlining the five most important lessons he has learned over the last 25 years. We are attaching the first lesson, Trust Always Comes First. We hope you identify with its importance... READ MORE...

GF Credit Card Changes

GF Toyota Recall

BBL 2009 Top Dogs

Last-Minute Tax Tips

VOL. 2, ISSUE 9   •   FEBRUARY, 2010
It's hard in the middle of winter to be positive about the future. It's even harder when the news is relentlessly downbeat. I would like to share an important idea in this difficult time, and I hope this thought will help you believe as strongly in the future as we do. READ MORE...

GF Haiti Internet Scams

BBF Choosing a Home Safe

BBL Trading School for Travel

Spring Cleaning for Your Paperwork

VOL. 2, ISSUE 7   •   DECEMBER, 2009
Thinking about all the turmoil in financial markets, real estate and government that has occurred over the last two years, I am forced to recall the quote from Mark Twain, "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme." READ MORE...

GF Year-End Concerns

GF Holiday Tipping

BBL Fighting Memory Loss

VOL. 2, ISSUE 6   •   NOVEMBER, 2009
Complimentary Consultation
Because so many of you now have children and even grandchildren in the workforce, we thought it would be appropriate to offer our comprehensive financial planning services to them. READ MORE...

GF Holiday Spending

BBF Retirement Towns 2009

BBL Encouraging Reading

Get Your Car Ready for Winter

VOL. 2, ISSUE 5   •   OCTOBER, 2009
Hell Week, One Year On
The following article from Nick Murray's most recent newsletter puts a meaningful perspective on the events of last year. We couldn't have written it better, so we didn't. READ MORE...

GF Winterizing Your House

BBF Things that are Cheaper

BBL Swine Flu

Most Dangerous Jobs

VOL. 2, ISSUE 4   •   SEPTEMBER, 2009
Gold: The Stable Asset
We have recommended gold and precious metal funds for many of our clients as well as foreign bond and foreign stock funds. All have one thing in common; they are negatively correlated with the U.S. dollar. This means that the price of these three asset classes trend up as the U.S. dollar weakens, and the price of these asset classes trend down as the U.S. dollar strengthens. READ MORE...

GF Saving Energy And Money

BBF Protecting Your Travel Plans

BBL Jump-Start Your Weight Loss

The Class of 2013

VOL. 2, ISSUE 3   •   AUGUST, 2009
Portfolio Reviews
Portfolio Reviews Portfolio reviews are an essential part of the financial planning process. It is important to understand why your portfolio performs the way it does within the context of current economic conditions. READ MORE...

GF Millionaires 09

BBF Teens and Credit

BBL Volunteer Vacations

Top North American Vacation Spots

VOL. 2, ISSUE 2   •   JULY, 2009
For this month's newsletter, we are again passing along what we feel is a very appropriate article from the most recent Nick Murray newsletter. This article gives a meaningful perspective to our economic times. READ MORE...

GF The Real Cost of Diamonds

BBF Flying for Less

BBL Boomerang Kids

World Wildlife Fund Conservation Tips

VOL. 1, ISSUE 12   •   MAY, 2009
As we write this month's newsletter article, it is the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend; the unofficial beginning of summer. Flowers and trees have blossomed, and the grass is green. Even the ivy at Wrigley Field has already turned green. Maybe this will finally be the Cubs' year. Nah...I doubt it. READ MORE...

GF Recession Bargains

BBF Vegetable Gardens

BBL Being an Ecotourist

Top Cars for 2009

VOL. 1 , ISSUE 11   •   APRIL, 2009
Are Investors In The Clear?
Since our last newsletter, we have just completed the best one month performance in the U.S. stock market since 1933. Does this mean that investors are in the clear? READ MORE...

GF Online Money Sites

BBF Advance Directives

BBL Summer Camp

Beware of IRS Phishing Scam

VOL. 1, ISSUE 10   •   MARCH, 2009
Dow Jones Jumps 1000 Points Over Last Two Weeks.
Over the last two weeks, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has jumped approximately 1000 points. Why is this happening? READ MORE...

GF Role of an Executor

BBF Planning a Wedding

BBL Home Away from Home

Top 10 Cities for Vacation Value

VOL. 1, ISSUE 9   •   FEBRUARY, 2009
One of our favorite financial advisors, Nick Murray, a 42-year veteran of the financial advisory profession, published the following essay this month. It helps bring perspective to our current economic situation. "The Recession: How Bad Is It?" READ MORE...

GF Best Places to Find a Job 2009

BBF Kids and Money

BBL Fantasy Islands


VOL. 1, ISSUE 8   •   JANUARY, 2009
Financially, 2008 was the most difficult year in the history of our firm. We have either met with or talked to most of you over the last few months to review your portfolio, and discuss what happened in 2008, and what we anticipate going forward in the stock and bond markets. Because of this unprecedented market volatility, and the large volume of meetings and phone calls, there is an area that we would like to address: How we serve you. READ MORE...

GF Taking Inventory

BBF Beneficiary Update

BBL Cruisin

Most Expensive Colleges

VOL. 1, ISSUE 7   •   DECEMBER, 2008
Thoughts about 2008
As this is our last newsletter for 2008, we thought we would close out the year with some thoughts about 2008, and a look forward to 2009. READ MORE...

GF Saving Money at the Supermarket

BBF Career Coaches

BBL Seasonal Affective Disorder

World Wildlife Fund Conservation Tips

VOL. 1, ISSUE 6   •   NOVEMBER, 2008
The last time the stock market performed as poorly as October 2008, was in October 1987. In light of this, we want to share several thoughts with you. We hope they are helpful. READ MORE...

GF Keeping to a Holiday Budget

BBL Dealing with Market Stress

BBL The Power of Gratitude

Get Your Car Ready for Winter

VOL. 1, ISSUE 5   •   OCTOBER, 2008
As you know all too well, the last few weeks have been very turbulent for investors. We have talked to many of you, and hopefully have given you a perspective on the times. To those of you that we have not had the opportunity to talk to, please call for an appointment if you have concerns. READ MORE...

GF Online Banking

BBF Age-Restricted Housing

BBL Helicopter Parents

Avoiding Colds

VOL. 1, ISSUE 4   •   SEPTEMBER, 2008
An Impulse Isn't a Strategy
Nick Murray, one of our favorite financial services writers recently wrote this essay. It couldn't better reflect our feelings. READ MORE...

GF Do Extended Warranties Make Sense

BBF Working at Home

BBL Power Foods

Top Party Schools of 2008

VOL. 1, ISSUE 3   •   AUGUST, 2008
Monthly Message
Alright, enough already with the bad news. We thought it was time to provide some good news in relation to the state of our economy and the U.S. market. READ MORE...

GF 2008 Retirement Confidence Survey

BBF Best Places to Start a Business

BBL Staying Safe in College

Finding Unclaimed Property

VOL. 1, ISSUE 2   •   JULY, 2008
Monthly Message
John Templeton, the renowned investor, mutual fund founder, and philanthropist died July 2008. Mr. Templeton has been one of the guiding lights of Equitrust Financial Group's investment strategies. READ MORE...

GF Gas Guzzling or Sipping

BBF Think Globally Buy Locally

BBL Spa Vacations

Most Expensive Colleges

VOL. 1, ISSUE 1   •   JUNE, 2008
Welcome to Equitrust Financial Monthly
Welcome to Equitrust Financial Monthly, a new e-newsletter that comes directly to your email each month. READ MORE...

GF The Role of the Fed

BBF Second Acts

BBL Baseball Tours

Beware of Stimulus Check Scam

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