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Vol. , Issue July 2016


Market Uncertainty and Volatility

For this quarter, let's discuss market uncertainty and market volatility. Just to be clear there is always, has been always, and will be always uncertainty. This I am certain about.

The same can be said about market volatility.

This uncertainty and volatility are what creates opportunities for long term, committed investors. Long term investors have always been rewarded by enduring uncertainty and volatility.

As I write this letter, there are two big issues we are confronting that may add to our ongoing uncertainty and volatility. These are Brexit (where is it written that this is necessarily a bad thing?) and our continued presidential campaigns.

Look how quickly the market declined and recovered when Brexit was announced.

Throughout history, these crises du jours come and go, yet markets continue their long term march upwards.

I do not expect that this time will be different.

To discuss these issues or any other concerns, please call to schedule a review. It is important to meet regularly to discuss your portfolio, and to update your financial planning needs. If you live out of town, let’s schedule a telephone meeting.

As always, we thank you for the confidence and trust you have placed in us. It is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Steve & Chuck

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